Craig Erwich Officially Announces ‘The Golden Bachelorette’ Is Coming

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ABC and Warner Bros. Television have officially confirmed the inaugural season of The Golden Bachelorette. This was very much expected after the success of The Golden Bachelor and The Golden Wedding. Craig Erwich, the president of Disney Television Group, confirmed the show during an ABC executive panel at a recent press tour.

The Golden Bachelorette Was Announced

The question on everyone’s mind is who’s going to get the lead role? For now, it appears as though even the producers haven’t made any decisions. In an interview, Erwich shared how excited he was about getting the chance to make another show like The Golden Bachelorette.

Craig Erwich // X (Twitter) // @MTFIII

According to him, the show is about inspiration and empowerment at its core, and he feels strongly that this won’t change for this version. He further elaborated that it was also about heart, hope, and humor, and those were the ingredients that made it successful.

The Cast Is Not Clear Yet

When asked about the casting for The Golden Bachelorette, Erwich said there was an amazing pool of women for the role and choosing would be hard. He also shared that it was good to have such a problem because it meant the show worked the last time. Erwich said that the producers were very exhaustive in how and where they looked for men they would cast.

Erwich also commented about the possibility of a Golden Villa–type show. He said there were no announcements ready for any such production at the moment. Still, he noted that it would be a fun direction for the franchise to take. He also pointed out how it was lovely to watch people from a different generation find love.